White Jujube Wood Mala Kit


Discover the joy of crafting your own unique 108-bead wood mala with our White Jujube Wood Mala Making Kit. It’s all here, ready for you to dive into the world of mindful creation.

Choose between 6mm and 8mm bead sizes for your mala. The 6mm version, as seen in the photos with white and creams, creates an elegant mala that comes out to about 32 inches around. For a longer mala, that is typically easier for use in meditation, opt for the 8mm beads, which will create a mala 8-10 inches more in length.

Our kit is more than just beads and cord; it’s a canvas for your self-expression and inner peace. Join us in this creative journey and wear your mala as a symbol of your unique spirit. Embark on your journey towards mindfulness with our mala making kit today!

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You’ll have everything you need to craft your own high quality hand-knotted 108 bead wood mala with this kit.

Photo of various tassels shows examples of our multicolor coordinating tassels. When you choose your knotting cord, you’ll get a multicolor tassel in a mix of coordinating colors. If you’d like all one color, just leave a note with your purchase. Custom requests are welcome!

This kit will includes:

1. 108 white jujube wood mala beads in 6mm or 8mm size.

2. A slightly larger 8-10mm wood guru bead

3. Knotting cord with needle attached in color of your choice

4. Coordinating multicolor tassel thread

5. Instructions on how to make a knotted mala and handmade tassel. In addition, I’ll be available to answer any questions about crafting your mala!

6. An organza bag to store your mala.


Looking to order this kit in larger quantities? Message the shop at hello@ritualcrafting.com for more information.


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