Bulk Rudraksha Beads, 6mm or 8mm


Beautiful all natural rudraksha seed beads in strands of 109 beads. Your choice of 6mm or 8mm beads. These are a natural seed, therefore sizing is variable, some beads will be off by up to 1mm in size (more information on this below).

Some sizes & quantities are only available on backorder – text will show up below price with current inventory. Contact the shop to find out when backorder items will ship.

Sale price reflects bulk discount.

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Beautiful all natural rudraksha seed beads ready for your next mala or jewelry creation. These come in strands of 109 (ideal for a 108 bead mala + guru bead). Your choice of 6mm or 8mm beads.

Please note: for bulk orders the exact sizing can vary. These are a natural seed, and some beads will be up to 1mm in size different. For example, it is common for our 6mm beads may vary from 5.5mm to 6.5mm and our 8mm beads are sometimes 7mm tall and other times 9mm tall. If you need to know the exact size currently, please contact the shop at hello@ritualcrafting and we are happy to let you know the specific sizing of our current inventory.

These are “5-faced” rudraksha beads, meaning the have 5 sections. See the last photo and you will see 5 lines in a star shape, separating the 5 faces.

Order in bulk for for a discount:

  • 5 strands = 15% off
  • 10 strands = 25% off
  • 25 strands = 35% off

Hole size: 1mm

Both sizes have the same size hole. These are rather smaller holes but pretty standard with the rudraksha seeds. The size 8 Griffin cord we sell in the shop works well with these. You can also knot with smaller sizes as well. If you need to draw the cord through twice, like for the guru bead, the hole may need to be enlarged. We offer one free hole enlargement per strand. Please contact us before purchase for a quote if you need more than 1 bead per strand enlarged.

Rudraksha is the dried fruit of the tree Elaeocarpus Ganitrus. It represents Shiva in his most powerful form and provides protection to the wearer. It is a strong tool for meditation, giving tremendous concentration to the wearer. It is known for increasing spiritual power, self-confidence, courage, and helps build a positive attitude.


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